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Druid apprentice Jase isn’t quite ready for his final exams tomorrow, so he does what any self-respecting student would do: break into the dean’s office for something to give him a little boost.

Plot of the Druid: Nightwatch is a free prologue to the full game Plot of the Druid.
A fantasy point-and-click adventure game that uses high-definition hand-painted drawings to capture the feel of old-school pixel art. The script has dry, sarcastic British wit that’s reminiscent of Simon the Sorcerer, Discworld, and Harry Potter. 

• The player can decide whether to deal with a situation as a human or as a ferocious animal. Well, maybe not that ferocious, but one with a unique skill set.
• Beautiful hand-painted HD artwork in the style of old-school pixel art.
• One hour of gameplay.
• Meet wacky characters, ALL fully voiced.
• Cool references to classic LucasArts and Sierra games.
• Two difficulty levels: Young Apprentice and Master of Disaster.
• Smooth 2D animations, including thrilling cutscenes.
• Immersive, charming background music.
• A hotspot reveal option to avoid pixel hunting.
• Available in Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian translations.
• And the wind cries Mary!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsComedy, Fantasy, Magic, Narrative, Point & Click, Retro, Story Rich, Wizards


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Yakir Israel has just released the first chapter of "Plot of the Druid". The prologue was already available as this demo. I took me 3 hours to play both as Jase, an apprentice druid trying to pass his final exams and looking for a backdoor. He gets caught and is expelled from school, only to be recruited by an archdruid in a crisis to help make a healing potion. Three chapters will follow but you can already play the first part of the game now.

And what a game it is! It uses some special game mechanics. There are some mini-games that take some getting used to but are still enjoyable since you won't have to try to beat them long enough for them to get frustrating. You need them to learn magic spells and basically mean clicking your mouse in the right place and at the right time. Another game mechanic is Jase's transformation into different animals, each with their own special characteristics to help solve the puzzles.

Then the puzzles, they are of a good difficulty level, at least for me. The game actually comes with two difficulty levels; I played the hardest one. They are your basic inventory puzzles and dialogue trees every weathered adventurer will love. But they are very much part of the fantasy world and they all make perfect sense.

The fantasy world is very detailed and truly alive. This world is inhabited by interesting characters, cool backgrounds, lively music, decent voice actors, funny dialogues and situations, and I for one can't wait to see where the game will take us next, since there's bound to be happening a lot more in future!

As a huge fan of good old Lucasarts adventures games, I really enjoyed playing to this demo. It's a very funny, puzzles are not to hard (no moon logic here) and well thought. Plenty of good ideas, and lots of references (I see many influences here, from Monthy Python to Simon the Sorcerer and everything fits perfectly). I really look forward to play to the upcoming full version. 

Humor, challenging puzzles, quirky characters, you have officially ticked all the right boxes with this!! I can't wait to play more of this!!

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